Sean Ferguson

Sean Ferguson, 2016 Rockingham Excavation Participant

I can easily say that my summer spent digging holes at Lough Key in 2016 was one of the most educational experiences of my college career. The five weeks I spent in Roscommon flew by as my group spent the days learning the basics of archaeology and the evenings reflecting on what we had uncovered/ recuperating from swinging the mattock all day. I spent my weekends in Dublin, Galway, and Sligo visiting great museums and getting to know local Irish culture.

I was grateful for the balance of hard work and days off that became a part of our rhythm. I also couldnt have asked for a better team to learn fromDr. Finan and Dr. Schryver and Alan Hayden are fantastic teachers with the ability to work simultaneously with novices like myself as well as more experienced archaeologists. I never felt that my lack of experience was inconvenient in the slightest. Those five weeks instilled in me a passion for new experiences as well as traveling, and I owe a debt of gratitude to program that provided me with such a great opportunity.

-Sean Denver Ferguson